About Us

Beautiful Black Roots

It all started with a single post about growing natural hair that became a journey to discovering the best hair care and hair products that we now offer. 

There is a lot of misinformation on natural hair that we felt compelled to share the results from trials, errors, and proper research.

Drawing influence from black hair and black culture, we wanted to influence natural women to embrace their natural look, how to care for their natural hair and on self-love and respect.

Today, we share that culture and natural beauty to all.

Black culture

Who is Ms Afro Chic?

Ms Afro Chic is the queen of chic lifestyle. She is smart, sophisticated, poised, and beautiful. A bold persona who is not afraid to stand out among the crowd. A polished woman who radiates her inner self that everyone admires and is one who inspires others. 

What We Do

Ms Afro Chic is all about beauty and confidence. A person's hair is their crowning glory and it shares a part of your personality. Show the world who you are and fascinate everyone with your chic and cool vibe. The Braid Extensions, Braided Wigs, and other hair products we offer at Ms Afro Chic will show the queen in you. Choose from a variety of our collections and trust you will find the shade that will fit your fashion taste and bring out the best version of yourself. Ms Afro Chic braids are for everyone, young and mature, business and couture, trendy and fun. As long as you speak the language of color, our store is a hairstyle splurge for you.