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I started Ms Afro Chic to meet the gap in the market for information on natural hair care and how to grow long natural hair.

It was at a response to many enquirers from my friends and family regarding my own hair journey. I started with how-to posts and later with live videos on Facebook. There are not many natural girls with my hair type and there is a lot of misinformation so I thought it necessary to share everything I had researched. All the trials and errors that I learnt from. Eventually, we evolved into protective styles and that’s where the products come into play.

It was about teaching natural women how to care for their natural hair and embracing their natural look at a time when it was looked down on. It is a whole movement for black hair and black culture and changing the norms of what is seen as acceptable.

So keep reading and continue to be part of the Ms Afro Chic Babe Team. We promise to bring you more exciting news. It will only keep getting better and better. Love yah!








Though 2020 is hit with sad news such as the pandemic and chaos in the black community, we need less drama and more happiness.
Check out what SMILE with your hair means.