Feeling Blue Collection

Feeling Blue Collection

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Astral Blue (BE-100)
Sapphire Beauty (BE-102)
Fountain Blue (BE-103)
Heather Blue (BE-104)
Enchanting Midnight (BE-101)
Classic Blue (BE-105)
Passionate Cerulean (BE-106)
Pearl Blue (BE-107)
Dark Cerulean Beauty (BE-108)
Pelorous Glamour (BE-109)


Hair Specification: 24 inches , 100 grams per pack, Ombre braids

Anything blue in our inventory. Our Feeling Blue hair palettes will give you the sensation of happiness and a carefree lifestyle.

We give a new meaning to the phrase feeling blue. We won't leave you feeling down and unsatisfied.

This collection reminds you of pleasure like the clear blue sky, calm ocean, and the wind sweeping you off your feet. Be lightweight and carefree.

Allow us to leave you feeling blue.