Poised in Monochrome

Poised in Monochrome

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Gracious Rustic Blanc (BE-805)
Grey Suit (BE-800)
Couture Melrose (BE-803)
Powerful Gray (BE-804)
Sophisticated Snow (BE-802)
Polished Blanc (BE-801)


There is power in monochromatic tones. Make a statement with your hair with our monochrome braid extensions. Wear our shades of blond roots blending into gray tips, subtle grays or deep gray tones, you can find it in this collection. 

Monochromatic shades have taken over the fashion industry by storm. Join the trend and be fabulously chic, elegant and couture. Complete your daily boss babe look with this poised collection. 

24 inches
100 grams per pack
Ombre braid