Shades of Purple Collection

Shades of Purple Collection

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Blue Diamond Gaze (BE-303)
Blooming Wisteria (BE-307)
Deep Purple Chic (BE-309)
Elegant Prelude (BE-305)
Glamorous Orchid (BE-308)
Lilac Blooms (BE-306)
Lilac Twilight (BE-310)
Wisteria Daze (BE-301)
Vividly Violet (BE-300)
Vibrant Orchid (BE-304)
Sophisticated Indigo (BE-312)
Magenta Blends (BE-313)
Purple Rose Diva (BE-311)
Purple Haze (BE-302)
Stylish Blackcurrant (BE-314)


Purple hues to make a popping statement in your daily life. 

A collection of dreamy hair of violet palette reveals your fun and vibrant soul. You will love everything in here. Unicorn, mermaid, bubblegum, you name it, we got it.

With this beautiful blend of purple shades, everyone is sure to gaze. Start with deep purple roots blending into a beautiful space blue then tips of light purple. And more options for that perfect purple gradient on your head!  

24 inches
100 grams per pack
Ombre braid