Lady Red Collection

Lady Red Collection

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Burgundy Passion (BE-601)
Dashing Magenta (BE-602)
Fierce Lady Red (BE-600)
Candy Girl (BE-603)
Pink Couture (BE-606)
Wild Berries (BE-604)
Flattering Crimson (BE-605)


What's hotter than this fiery red crown with a twist to get that soothing burgundy shade? We love our ombre red shades for celebrating our wins, and we love it more on our braids collection. With our red braids collection, be fierce!

Here's more! Get that fun party girl vibe with this gradient of pinks. If anyone can pull off that candy girl look it's you babe. Show them your chic punk confidence!

24 inches 100 
grams per pack 
Ombre braid